Amada Morse Bimetal Bandsaw blades


Bandsaw BladesAustralian owned and operated company with a large inventory of Bi-metal, Carbon and Carbide tipped bandsaw blades distributed from locations in Sydney and Brisbane. We are Australian agents for bandsaw blade manufacturers Amada of Japan, MK Morse of the US in bimetal Cobalt M42, Carbon and Carbide Tipped for steel and wood. We also represent Daiken Flathers of the UK who are world leader in carbon, meat cutting and bandknife bandsaws. We also represent MFLS Forezienne of France who are manufacturers of wide band saw blades for the sawmill industry. Bandsaw blades . Complete bandsaw sharpening service available.

Kinkelder HSS Cobalt Circular cold saws


Cold Saw BladesAustralian distributor for Kinkelder BV metal cutting HSS circular sawblades with the latest developments in coating technology, metallurgy, precision grinding and technical support. Our range includes standard HSS blades, Cobalt HSS blades to suit Haberle, Brobo Waldown, Macc, Omes, Peddrazoli, Eisle, Hafco, Metalmaster, Kaltenbach, Oto Mills and more. Kinkelder Connexxioncut blades in Cermet and Carbide to suit Tsune, Everising, Amada and Kasto saws. We also offer a full saw sharpening service in Sydney and Brisbane.

Haberle cold saws machines


Haberle Sawing Machines – German precision cold sawing machines for sale for metal, sections and solid bars and also suitable to cut stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastic. Haberle cold sawing machines are available with manual and semi-automatic operation with mechanical clamping or air actuated clamping.

TCT Carbide Circular Saws


TCT Circular Sawblades – to suit all applications cutting Wood, Composites, Metal, Plastics, and Aluminium. We also offer a comprehensive range of saw blades for sawmilling and resawing. Blades are available in a range of tooth geometries, tooth numbers bores and splines. Industries serviced include Joineries, Kitchen manufacturers, Sawmills, Aluminium fabricators, steel centres.  

Mabtools Flap disks cutting disks wheels


Mabtools of France offer an extensive range of abrasives including cutting discs and flap discs for deburring and grinding solutions for metal working fabricators. A full range of Aluminium Oxide and Zirconian wheels and discs in various grit size. Ferrous free wheels to suit stainless steel applications.

Houghton Metalworking Coolants for saws


Houghton is one of the world’s largest and longest established suppliers of specialist industrial metalworking coolants and lubricants. We carry a full range of soluble oils, synthetic and semi-synthetic metal working coolants in stock to suit all popular sawing machines, lathes, drills, milling or grinding machines.