Amada Cobalt M42 Bandsaw Blades

Cobalt Bandsaw Blades AmadaAmada Cobalt 8 M42 Bandsaw Blades from AMADA are made of Cobalt-8 M42 High Speed Steel.

Amada Cobalt Bandsaw Blades are made from M42 Cobalt and as a result are ideal for cutting mild steel, structural steel and stainless steel. “Chip Curler” tooth shape and unique set pattern combine to acheive longer blade life and good penetration through the toughest materials. Amada’s 8% Cobalt offer both good cutting life as well as good resilience from tooth damage.   


Amada Bi Metal Cobalt 8% M42 High Speed Steel Edge

Chip curler tooth shape

Bandsaw chip curler tooth shape improves chip removal and reduces the impact on the bottom of the gullet resulting in less fatiguing of the alloy steel backing material leading to much better life. Cobalt 8 bandsaws are a good choice for general purpose cutting where material ranges from thin sections to solid bars. 

Amada Chip curler

Unique “Chip Curler” tooth design

With Amada Cobalt Band saw blades noise is greatly reduced by a distinctive set pattern which lowers vibrations during cutting resulting in much longer blade life and noticeably better cutting performance as well. Tooth stripping and pinching is greatly reduced due to this distinct set pattern. Amada 8% M42 Cobalt bandsaw blades are quiet even when pack cutting thin sections.

Amada Cobalt 8 set pattern


Enhanced Chipping Resistance

Improved Tooth Penetration


General purpose bandsaw blade

Low cost per cut

Longer life for mild steel and structural steel shapes

                     • Wear resistant Bi Metal Cobalt 8 M42 High Speed Steel. 

Cobalt 8 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades suit all bandsawing machines – Actual Power, Amada – Behringer – Bomar – Cosen – Daito – Everising – Excision – Ficep – Hafco – Hydmec – Kasto – MEP – Parkanson – Peddinghaus.

Same day despatch to all areas including Adelaide – Brisbane – Mackay – Melbourne – Newcastle – Perth – Sydney – Townsville – Wollongong and all regional areas of Australia. 

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