CINDOL 305D is a water soluble machining coolant formulated for machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The excellent rust preventive properties and biostability of this product ensure trouble free operation while the high lubricity additives improve surface finish. CINDOL 305D mixes well with hard water and emulsions are completely stable. For all machining of non-ferrous metals and is suitable for medium duty cutting on ferrous metals. CINDOL 305D can be used in a variety of machining operations including turning, drilling, tapping and milling. The low foaming characteristics of CINDOL 305D make it an ideal coolant for high pressure “through tool” coolant systems.


HOCUT B60 is a low odour, bio stable, soluble, EP cutting fluid designed to give extended emulsion life.   It mixes readily with water to provide excellent corrosion protection and lubricating properties.

HOCUT 795 MPB is a semi-synthetic and provides clean running, heavy duty machining performance on both ferrous and non -ferrous metals without the use of chlorinated or sulphurised compounds. It has unique resistance to bacteria and fungal growth that is achieved without the use of traditioinal biocides.


HOUGHTO GRIND 60 is a synthetic chemical grinding fluid formulated to give maximum rust protection, no foam, no petroleum oil and using surface active compounds to keep the wheel clean.  It is used by diluting with water, forming a greenish transparent solution.

HOUGHTO-GRIND 260 is a colourless and odourless grinding oil. The low viscosity of Houghto – Grind 260 results in rapid heat removal, longer grinding wheel life, greater flow rates through the filtration system, lower drag out and less residue on machine surfaces and components. It is an ideal multi-application neat grinding oil.


RUST VETO 4214 utilizes special polar compounds held up in petroleum solvent, such that wet components to be treated for rust protection can simply be immersed, the moisture is displaced leaving a residual rust preventive film following evaporation of solvent.


CINDOL 869R was developed specifically as a high perfor-mance lubricant for Aluminium machining and forming.

CUTMAX 226 is a heavy duty straight cutting oil fortified with sulphur, chlorine and extreme pressure additives. This highly compounded oil gives excellent lubricity and efficient anti-weld, as well as high chemical activity, giving excellent machining characteristics at all cutting speeds, and under heavy duty conditions.


MACHINE TOOL CLEANER is a powerful, effective cleaner for machine tools and central coolant systems.   Mix it with water for use.   This makes a quick acting solvent-detergent solution that removes grease and gummy deposits from machine surfaces. It also purges caked residue and scum from coolant sumps, lines and fittings. Use it to clean return trenches and main reservoirs in central coolant systems.